‘I Forgot to Swim’ by Victoria Blanco

Despair knocked on my window
And I let her in
She sat on my window sill
I looked in her eyes
And began to cry

I reached for her
Wanting comfort
She stripped me bare and cold
Scared and all alone

I cried salty tears
I prayed to God
I asked for my ultimate wish
Please let me wake up to the touch of his soft skin

I promise
I won’t let him leave again
I promise I will reprieve
My tears flooded my room

She had closed the window
The water had reached my waist
I couldn’t live with the choice I had made
To wake up in a lonely bed

And never love again
Why did I allow for this to occur
Surface water just above my neck
Before I die, I wish to hear his voice and see his face

Pictures never granted justice
I held my breath
God never came
My tears reached the roof

I floated in a room filled of liquid regret
She continued to look at me
I continued to resist
I could live without air
I don’t need to breathe
I say

Until I desire to inhale
I know how this ends
I shouldn’t have let her in


Victoria Blanco resides in Northern California where she writes for her blog, The Panty Junkyard. She has published a book of poetry entitled, Chocolate Mint Nite Drives


Copyright © 2018 by Victoria Blanco. All rights reserved.