‘Limerence’ by Angelina Mazza

i keep your words in my wallet
they are worth everything
and more

you are the one i want around
at 2am
on christmas day no matter what
and when i call you
my best
friend on the bus
any stranger can tell that i mean it
by staring at my eyelids

you are neither damaged
nor a high waist
of space
you deserve the world and
three apologies

i’m sorry that i worry
about shiny new people
i just hate the way change feels
on my skin
i’m sorry that i push too hard
i’m sorry that i am selfish and
(please don’t hang up)

i poison myself to tell you
the truth


Angelina Mazza is pursuing a B.A. in English Literature at McGill University.


Copyright © 2018 by Angelina Mazza. All rights reserved.