‘Bloody Target’ by Minahil Khan


Bloody Target

Acrylic on illustration board, 33cm x 52cm
September-October 2016

“The Red Baron was one of the deadliest and most feared fighter pilots in WWI; he proudly had his weapon painted red as a symbol of his prowess (though he was later shot down). To me, the plane’s notorious history directly contradicts its stunning beauty. Much of the technological advancement driven by 20th century wars has yielded many civilian benefits; the Internet, for example. It is a dilemma I wanted to face by bringing this airplane back to life. By using the chaotic background and the realism of the plane, I aimed to create the impression that the plane was racing out of the painting. My intent was to use this illusion to showcase the beauty of this aircraft, in order to contemplate the ethical issues involved in beneficial but misguided scientific innovation.”



Minahil Khan, or ‘Mina’ for short, is a CEGEP student at Marianopolis College studying Arts & Sciences. When she isn’t studying, you can find her reading dystopian and mystery novels, or drawing people she knows.


Copyright © 2018 by Minahil Khan. All rights reserved.

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