‘Flick’ by Victoria Mastropietro

I keep you on
the edge of my tongue
flick you back and
between soft thoughts
and song

Come in
Come swim
the what-ifs are warm
the disputes too far beyond

I see my reflection
in the water and
think of you.
Dip my hand in to skew
the image

A book
Well read, not
words fall off the page
into my mouth.
Who knew
you’d teach me to sing?


VICTORIA MASTROPIETRO is a librarian-in-training. In 2016 she received her bachelor’s in English Literature from Concordia University. She was then accepted into McGill’s Information Studies program and expects her Master’s Degree this June. To see more of her work, check out her creative writing blog: Four Hoofs and a Horn or her Instagram @fourhoofsandahorn.


Copyright © 2018 by Victoria Mastropietro. All rights reserved.