‘immovable dancer’ by Jeanne Perreault


the sculpture is moving
eyes wide, arms stretched,
she watches

a sea of blank faces
float around her
restless, careless,
and she, priceless

her dancing attracts none,
yet the flurry of her movements
is the centrepiece
only passive glances exchanged
and dragged feet
stay for her

she turns and turns and turns
her face is a blurred dream
eyes trying to meet faces
the soft pink moves faster
gasping breaths disrupt the sea
as they part to the side
they leave her place to breathe
but the silence suffocates her
she has to let them know, she has to, she has

the show is over
the mass is leaving
they have turned her into bronze
stuck in the mold again


JEANNE PERREAULT is an Arts, Literature and Communications student at Marianopolis College. She is passionate about writing and literature, and plans to study English Literature in University.


Copyright © 2018 by Jeanne Perreault. All rights reserved.

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