‘Leaking Laurel Tree’ by Elise Timm-Bottos

Paper Cutouts on Painted Canvas / March 21, 2017

“This piece is inspired by the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne as told in Ovid’s Metamorphosis, where Daphne turns into a laurel tree in order to avoid being raped by Apollo. This backfires because once Daphne is transformed into a tree, Apollo uses her inability to move to rip off her laurel branches and make himself a crown. This can be seen as a powerful metaphor for the pillaging of vulnerable women’s rights around the world. In this artwork, there is the flowing blood of maturity mirrored by the red leaves blossoming and sprouting on the tree.”



ELISE TIMM-BOTTOS is an artist/puppeteer who has travelled extensively in Italy, United Kingdom and the United States. She is currently studying Liberal Arts at Concordia University.


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