‘Our Garden’ by Steve’s Poetry


Butterflies roam
Vanishing atrocities in
A lavish garden

Hiding eerie things
With their little butter wings
Ignored in fly disguise

Skies of sorrow
Industrial darkening
Suffocating mankind

The Man washes brain
Consuming his own meat

Once upon a site
Liberal thoughts caged in a
Collapse caused by crude

Evil never stops
War stricken day and age
Taken for granted

We go about life
Doctoring the vile truth
Of the garden’s end


Steve studies agro-environmental biology and economics in his penultimate year at McGill, but writes poetry and explores other forms of art as hobbies in his free time. His themes mainly include love, loathing and lust, life, aging and death, self-love, self-discipline and self-awareness, while incorporating comparisons with nature. His work can be seen at the Instagram handle @stevespoetry.

Copyright © 2018 by Steve’s Poetry. All rights reserved.

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