‘Luminosity (how I turn my pain into power)’ by Shannon Mastromonico

As I open my mouth to scream, I
swallow white bright luminosity, an infinite
sprinkling of twinkle.
It wraps itself around and
through my bones, reuniting with
the beginning of me. The
first asterisms,
spinning and full
Of the fire and fortitude that will belong
to a future version of me.
With a cloud of sage, I
feel something disperse,
dwindling in potency, hitting brick and
dying at my feet.
I am a galaxy, a force.
I cannot be crossed. I cannot
be torn or moved in any way, unless
say. But
don’t count on my approval,
I smile in awareness.
Listen… the gate.
Clicking shut.


SHANNON MASTROMONICO was born and raised in Montreal. She has been writing poetry/creating art for over twenty years and is an alumni of the Dawson college photography program.

Copyright © 2018 by Shannon Mastromonico. All rights reserved.