‘Dinner Table’ by Aneek Chatterjee


Snakes, boulevards, mountains,
dead relatives smiling
with a bouquet of flowers.
Struggle in deep blue waters

Smashed cars
Red ants overtaking
in a systematic line
Tears of a fourteen-year-old

It’s like a dinner table
All food – wine, dessert,
spoons forks water & porcelain
carefully organized; but
finally wiped clean
The lonely wooden frame watches
red ants silently overtaking
one another

Snakes boulevards & smashed cars
shining under the sun
hidden in misty clouds

& you call it surreal


ANEEK CHATTERJEE is an Indian poet, currently living in Kolkata. He has been published / accepted  in ‘Ann Arbor Review’, ‘The Stray Branch’, ‘Ariel Chart’, ‘Eskimo Pie’, ‘The Scryptic Magazine of Alternative Art and Literature’, ‘Chicago Record Magazine’, ‘The Pangolin Review’, ‘Taj Mahal Review’ and in eight anthologies. He is a college teacher with a Ph.D. in International Relations.

Copyright © 2018 by Aneek Chatterjee. All rights reserved.

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