‘How to Wrestle a Storm’ by Gervanna Stephens

Your mouth
crashes silent into the horizon
voice splintering to sand
getting everywhere all at once
a shout
is a wave
rushing to shore
gathering self,
your thoughts—
a load
let it rest violent
on tear stained sky
swallow the sad
Now, recede.


GERVANNA STEPHENS is a Jamaican poet and proud Slytherin with congenital amputation living in Canada. Her work has appeared/forthcoming in Empty Mirror, The /tƐmz/, Bone & Ink, TERSE, & WusGood.black,. She hates public speaking, has two sisters who are better writers than her & thinks unicorns laugh when we say they aren’t real. Tweets @ gravitystephens.

Copyright © 2018 by Gervanna Stephens. All rights reserved.