‘Lovelust’ by Kimberly King


Her horned rimmed glasses shield her sky-blue eyes
Delicate porcelain skin misty with sweat and longing
My hand brushes her cheek, caressing her soul
Never have my eyes seen such graphic beauty

Our words dance around the room like shooting stars
She captivates every sense of nostalgia I dare recall-
My lost girl, her inner light dark as the Ravens back
Sapphire eyes brighter than my fondest memory

Her hand in mine, we walk these gritty streets
The chaos of this murderous city engulfs us
The evergreens sway to the click of her heels
As the wind moves in time to her hips

I love her, -Oh! How I love this beauty beside me
She brings me to my knees with a single glance
Dare I cast upon another in her presence
My heart would surely pay the ultimate price

I have found my purpose, my meaning, my life force
For her I would part the sea, fight the fiercest demons
If only I could surrender to this undying passion
I would forever and a day be a changed man.


KIMBERLY KING is an avid fan of dark fiction and poetry, has been a writer and artist for the past five years, and was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

Copyright © 2018 by Kimberly King. All rights reserved.

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