‘Makeup’ by Angela Hanna Goulene


Feel terrible.

Trauma behind the mask
Grinning, wonderfully pretty doll,

Outwardly charming

Tantalizing child.

But when the Lord’s hand descends upon the ground,

Blocking the sky and all above,

What remains but an upside-down clown?

The seas they part
They break through the dust,

Illusions destroyed
Revealing dirty secrets to the

Outcast and shunned,

Sociologically impaired,

An egoistic approach to the game’s finales
Tempts the child.

But instead the clown reverts its position,

And as the moon leaves in shame of what it’s witnessed,

The dust dries out the ocean once more.

Another false analogy begins.


ANGELA HANNA GOULENE is a difficult to live with French, biracial intellectual with a love and adoration for children and cats, who hates pretty much everything else. She spends most of her time watching horror films and cartoons, as well as drawing, writing, singing, and just binge-watching anime.  When she isn’t busy doing that, she loves to spend her budget on books that are thousands of pages long which she won’t have the time to read.  The loves of her life are undoubtedly her Siamese cat Clea, storytelling, and traditional animation. She currently resides in Montreal where she spends most of her time writing or working on various show projects.

Copyright © 2018 by Angela Hanna Goulene. All rights reserved.

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