‘Strange Moonlight’ by Michael Dominic Rotondo


I stood below an 18th century balcony–
A balcony of Lima, accompanied by a living statue
Strange moonlight
gave the eyes full colour,
but words in print disappear in seconds.
Disappointment ran through my veins
The last chapter, the last page;
Moonlight refuses to let me read.
At first, I appear to have an adequate amount of light,
But soon after, my eyes became Jekyll and Hyde.
I look up to the statue and cry out, “What is your name?”
No response do I receive.

Again, words spew from my lips,
“O lovely statue, true beauty I see, the only of its kind in this strange moonlight.”
A whisper blew in the air; the statue? No—a woman
She appeared on top of the balcony behind the statue.
A Slender body with precious lips and curly hair
Eyes of an angel,
circled with an auburn colour.
Even her beauty withstood the strange moonlight.
That night, I stood below an 18th century balcony,
A balcony of Lima, one accompanied by a living statue,
The auburn eyed angel.


MICHAEL DOMINIC ROTONDO was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. He received a B.A from Concordia University, completed a Bachelors in Primary & Junior Education from Ottawa University, and is currently enrolled in a Graduate program at McGill University. He currently works as a special education teacher for children with autism at the primary level. He has always had a fascination with poetry and has been writing since the age of 16 years old, primarily as a hobby.

Copyright © 2018 by Michael Dominic Rotondo. All rights reserved.

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