‘A Wink Frozen in Time’ by Michael Dominic Rotondo

A wink hallmarks the deal –
tinted eyes remained fixed,
a vivid image of mind
sealed by hot red wax.
An image I wish to conceal,
a swift peak is all it took;
it rests printed in dye.
A photograph of a wink
suspended, inside my head,
a small portion of time
framed within my being.
A wink frozen in time.


MICHAEL DOMINIC ROTONDO was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. He received a B.A from Concordia University, completed a Bachelors in Primary & Junior Education from Ottawa University, and is currently enrolled in a Graduate program at McGill University. He currently works as a special education teacher for children with autism at the primary level. He has always had a fascination with poetry and has been writing since the age of 16 years old, primarily as a hobby.

Copyright © 2018 by Michael Dominic Rotondo. All rights reserved.