‘Destiny’ by Bini Israel


He, swift and poised to circumstances
Even to dicey cares unpredictable
Loomed in grief, swallowed up to curses
Very mean at heart, perplexed most unruly to cravings

Behold, He the universe strong held
Frames of creature, watches with strength, knows
Though subverted, ruined, ready against stronghold
Who knows Him, His essence, desire to save

Strayed out-frail understanding still
Arms to guide, guarding inept purpose, why live?
Hanging over him, why course, when, where of life?
String of destiny, ever to, will linger!

Wherever, Mighty hand time to fulfill
When to be, devastated but hands of faith
What a deliverer, He help to and fro send
Who, a father, lovely with hand mighty


BINI ISRAEL is a seasoned writer. He has been writing for the local and international media, and recently worked for Cherry Africa Magazine. He is married with a son.

Copyright © 2018 by Bini Israel. All rights reserved.

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