‘Halloween Rhyme: Fright Night! by Robyn Martelly

Trick or Treaters should beware,
Can you feel it in the air?

Scary costumes, monster masks,
ghost stories and black cats.

Knocking on doors for Halloween treats,
You may get more than what you reap.

Witches casting spells in the moonlight,
Graveyards moan, the dead come to life.

Zombies roam the crowded streets,
Searching for little brains to eat.

Vampires thirst for juicy blood,
Tracking your footprints in the mud.

A full moon in the sky,
Can you hear the screaming cries?

Pumpkin eyes light up bright,
Howling werewolf’s tear through the night.

Little kids should be scared,
Goblins and Ghouls smell your fear.

Fright is in the air.


ROBYN MARTELLY is from magical Cape Breton Island. She grew up in the diverse community of Whitney Pier, a Canadian heritage site. She’s a contributing author, writes a monthly community column in the Cape Breton Post called Pier Dear and is a self-taught artist, with her skills ranging from painting to poetry. She has 15+ years’ experience creating beautiful art and writing children’s poetry. Robyn’s art is inspired by her culture, community and current events.

Copyright © 2018 by Robyn Martelly. All rights reserved.