‘A Poem for a Friend’ by Rita Gallagher-Murphy 

I met you way back when,
Thinking it was in ‘77,
Recalling your kisses so intense,
I thought I went to Heaven.

Seeking you out on social media,
It’s really been four decades later,
Your high school pic was clear to me,
And time hit me like a freighter.

We spoke briefly about our ex’s,
About our travels and our years,
Accepting the gains and losses,
Without mention of our fears.

Music is your founding passion,
It has always been mine alike,
You take walkabouts on the street
I do mine as an afternoon hike.

You ping me in the wee hours at dawn,
As you come to my early morning bed,
And though you are 2000 miles away,
I’m anticipating words that beg to be read.

I’m sure to be a tad melancholy,
Sometimes I ramble in the night,
You reply with music and song,
Stealing all my worries and my fright.

I’m so happy that I found you,
You’re my ping man and my friend,
Happy Birthday my Johnny man,
We’re not lovers yet — but it’s not quite “The End.”


RITA GALLAGHER-MURPHY is proud to be Montreal born and raised. Writing from the heart, and motherhood offers her ‘joie de vivre.’ Carrying a few credits for freelance articles written over the years, she found solace in writing after caregiving family members during their cancer crisis. Learning the benefits of being positive and patient, with lessons in humility, came at a cost. She now calls Calgary home with the scenic Canadian Rockies in her vantage point. She hopes that kindness will always prevail in the hearts that surround us, and enjoys searching for words that flow together like lovers in the night.

Copyright © 2018 by Rita Gallagher-Murphy. All rights reserved.