‘Columbus Nova’ by Alexander Buchanan

Task me with repairs
Torture me with memory folds and long drives
Explain your great idea
To cut the tag from every shirt you own
And romanticize fifteen again
Ibanez guitars and skate shoes lost to mud pits
5 . 2 . 0 . 0 . 1 . 6 .
Execute command without stepping
Foot on station
I’m dreaming of water tusks pulling me
Down into the train yard construction
They’re over my mother’s cheeks
She becomes less rhythm and more peace
As I sit bowlegged over a river turning from black
Trying to remember my aubade
Nour / Qamar
I fit perfectly into the suit
Designed for Columbus Nova
The first sad man mission


ALEXANDER BUCHANAN is a poet, as well as a food and space enthusiast living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His work has been featured in Little River Literary Magazine, Ghost City Review, Wax Poetry and Art, Cigarette Soup, and zine projects.

Copyright © 2018 by Alexander Buchanan. All rights reserved.