‘ember’ by Sofie Athanasia Tsatas

the shades of blue and green
shimmer ever so gently,
concealing the burning within,
attempting to cover the rough edges
of an anguished heart.
tread slowly,
do not add dirt to the flame,
let it pass,
allow for an ember to grow and remain,
a constant life for a soul,
and let the scars heal,
the ones inside and out of you.


SOFIE ATHANASIA TSATAS is an aspiring writer and music historian currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of British-Columbia. She received her Bachelor’s degree from McGill University and currently spends her time between Montreal and Vancouver. Her love of reading and writing poetry came to her in a moment of self-struggle with mental illness and so it has helped her to heal and move forward. She hopes that her poetry can do the same for others, and she one day plans to publish books in both poetry and music history.

Copyright © 2018 by Sofie Athanasia Tsatas. All rights reserved.