‘Morning Strikes’ by Nève Donaghy

Birds sing as
Clouds invade the sky
The sun tries to
Enlighten me
But he only reaches
The outside
The walls I’ve
Built around myself
Are covered in leaves
They protect me
From the storm
And the rain
But they also
Keep me from
The sunshine and
All of the flowers above


NÈVE DONAGHY is a queer writer, artist and mental health advocate. Currently 18 years old, she is studying in Montreal & hoping to one day be living from her poetry. From an early age, words were already a big part of her world, as she asked her mother to teach her how to read at only 5 years old. Some years later, she started writing stories, some of which she published on a blog in high school. Around the time she moved to Montreal, she truly found her way through poetry and has been working on perfecting this art ever since.

Copyright © 2018 by Nève Donaghy. All rights reserved.