‘Toy Train’ by Julia Marsiglio

I miss you baby girl.
Can I kiss you baby girl?
You’ll start walking pretty soon,
Under the cold December moon.
I’ll bundle you in many layers
And chase away all your cares
With Christmas cheer and a merry tune.
Baby girl, your eyes, how they shine!
You’re too young to say, so I must divine
That this toy train will do quite fine
For my baby girl, who’s just turned one,
Or at least in another life, so I would have done.


JULIA MARSIGLIO is a Canadian writer currently located in Montréal, Québec, who has been writing poetry and fiction since she was a child. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish language and literature from the University of Alberta in 2011.

Copyright © 2018 by Julia Marsiglio. All rights reserved.