‘Sitting Girl’ by Ezelbahar Metin

I am the sitting girl
Of the house of bricks
I only drink the cosmos on my stairs

I am the sitting girl
Friends with a couple of saints
I only breathe what my heart paints

I am the sitting girl
I come in peace or pieces
I only touch you if the queen pleases

I am the sitting girl
Have no name that anyone speaks
I only come from in between places

I am the sitting girl
Seen every night on the stairs
I sip the stars one by one
To the sorrow of none other than mine
You may forget me if you wish
People of the house of bricks
But forget me not the king of saints
Only you can stop my sips


EZELBAHAR METIN is an international student from Turkey, currently studying in Montreal. She started reading and writing poetry from a very young age, both in Turkish and English. This is the first poem she has written and submitted in English.

Copyright © 2019 by Ezelbahar Metin. All rights reserved.