‘Trílcica’ by Eugenio Garza

J’ai tant neigé pour que tu dormes
So you can sleep far away…

Now, look for me.
Touch my side of this bed in the middle of the night.
Look for me
in your dreams, as if you were searching for an ancient truth.
Explore my ocean with an astrolabe
and under the nautical moon look for me.

Dig through the rocks with a flashlight.
Flow swiftly towards the light, lost soul.

Hunt me.
Wake up, open your eyes and look for me in the darkness.

Look for me,
even though you will never find me.


EUGENIO GARZA studies Economics at the University of Monterrey, Mexico. His work has appeared in Palabras que cuentan (UDEM) and Revista Levadura (UANL). He is co-founder of the independent literary magazine Cuatro Versos (www.cuatroversos.com).

Copyright © 2019 by Eugenio Garza. All rights reserved.