‘Dido’s assertion if she had exiled Aeneas from Carthage’ by Sofie Athanasia Tsatas

do you really think I needed you,
that I would cry and weep and let you stay,
my kingdom has prospered again since your exile –
the cobblestones sang when your horses hooves left their place upon them,
the pillars grew taller,
the people smiled and laughed, and celebrated your absence,
the air smelled fresher, no more of treachery,
and I, Queen of Carthage,
never felt more powerful,
than when I kicked off your boat
to the next land
that would ruin you.


SOFIE ATHANASIA TSATAS is an aspiring writer and music historian currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia. She received her Bachelor’s degree from McGill University and currently spends her time between Montreal and Vancouver. Her love of reading and writing poetry came to her in a moment of self-struggle with mental illness and so it has helped her to heal and move forward. She hopes that her poetry can do the same for others, and she one day plans to publish books in both poetry and music history.

Copyright © 2019 by Sofie Athanasia Tsatas. All rights reserved.