‘Empty’ by Preeti Vyas

I thought of making some tea last night,
To fill my empty body up,
With something warm.

But you know, everything is dead cold inside,
I couldn’t feel the warmth,
The tea dripped in the hollow chamber within me.

I couldn’t feel it moving,
It dripped down my throat, hitting the abyss,
I have lost the sensation.

My legs are shivering,
My fingers are numb,
My eyes are sunken.

I need someone to prepare the fire for me
To heat up my feet and my whole body,
It’s icy cold, I am telling you.


PREETI VYAS is an engineering graduate student from India studying at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. You may call her an amateur artist or poet. You can frequently find her in old bookstores in Montreal reading her recent poems about life, work, nature, and love. Sometimes, singing them in melody. She is a jolly, optimistic person who often gets overwhelmed by the intricacies of life and channels her thoughts through words or colors. She maintains her work in her personal poetry blog called Zenith.

Copyright © 2019 by Preeti Vyas. All rights reserved.