‘us’ by Jeanne Perreault

not a cry for help,
it’s a resolved, half-choked sob.
it’s raking through my body,
i feel it running in my blood, ripples coming at the surface but
never breaking the skin.
it stays deep undersea,
beside sunken thoughts and fears;
it shrinks from the surface,
we form a great pair.
they can see the ripples on my skin
as a mildly disturbed river,
vindication, they cannot see the tumultuous sea beneath,
where the waves crash against one another
violently, dark like blood;
this is how the single tear forced out
finds its way into the vessels –
troubling the whole body – never letting
it rest.


JEANNE PERREAULT is an undergraduate student at McGill double majoring in English Literature and Latin American Studies. They enjoy writing poetry, going to museums and reading about strong women.

Copyright © 2019 by Jeanne Perreault. All rights reserved.