‘All Week’, ‘Secret Electricity’, and ‘Intersection’ by Danielle La Valle


A single crystalline tear
A mildew stained ceiling

What is magic
But a fervent longing?

The dead words I carry with me
Meretrix, slatern, trollop
Dead words have power

And all week the moths came to me
Their ermine capes
Their rust coloured bellies

“Take us to the dark”

And I did
Their wings soft as new rose petals
The dark cup of my palms




The crackle and hum
Of secret electricity

By water vapour

Slices of velveteen

Your half-moon eyes
Your Grecian nose

These things
That are not for me




For one week
The awkwardness of death hung low

It stopped to play with people’s hair
And to read the cards taped to the traffic lights

It plucked petals from the flowers people had left
Poked its fingers into ice-cream cones
And made swirls on the tops of cappuccino froth


DANIELLE LA VALLE is a writer of short fiction and poetry. She enjoys expressing herself through a variety of mediums but her true passion has always been to write. She has been writing stories since she was seven and in that time has managed to fine-tune a quirky imagination into a unique voice. Her writing tends to be dark but is often tinged with hope. She often employs supernatural themes as a way of navigating the female experience in general, and more specifically, the experiences of women whose emotional and psychic landscapes are at odds with perceived norms of femininity.

Copyright © 2019 by Danielle La Valle. All rights reserved.