‘Snow in April’ by Tiah Snaith

When it snowed in April
Did you stand at the window and cry?
Uncontrollably cry the way no adult should?
Did your voice wobble and shake?
Were your eyes too sore to see?
The snow on the struggling green grass
Was unambiguously obvious,
A perfectly picturesque way
To portray how it felt
To be left alone in a house too big for one.
Snow in April
Things that are, that shouldn’t be.

So did you pick up the phone?
Swallow your doubts and call into the expanding distance
What do you fear more⁠—
The echo or the answer?

Or did you not pick up the phone at all
Maybe you know the landline
Could never hold all you have to say.
So did you rest your heavy head against the window?
Try to not think of your shipwrecked heart
Floating among the wild waves swirling in your chest
That make it hard to breathe.
Did you just sit, in your own endless silence?
And with glassy eyes,
Watch it snow in April?


TIAH SNAITH is a high school writer from the small town of Macgregor, Manitoba. She was a competitive swimmer and played for her high school’s basketball team before she had to take a yearlong recovery period due to an injury and the surgery that followed it. Tiah used poetry and art as a creative outlet during the difficult time she was having.

Copyright © 2019 by Tiah Snaith. All rights reserved.