‘The Town that Weeps of Winter’ by Mercedes Bacon-Traplin

In a silent town that weeps of winter
I sit and drink tea that burns my throat
I reminisce on the life I’ve been given
And remember the nicotine scented January air
Or the burn of the smoke from a passed joint
Or the touch of lips against mine
And tears stinging the corner of my eyes

My life is made up of fragmented January
In a town that weeps of winter
Cold that creeps into your bones
And ages a young face
Sometimes I feel beyond my years
As I drink my tea through burning tears
Or watch another January pass
In the town that weeps of winter

This town that whispers of stories untold
And freezes alongside its icy river
Sometimes I feel I live in those waters
Somewhere deep and dark where light doesn’t exist
And Ice grows around me as I make my nest
Alongside the gold that this town was built on

This town where summer comes only once in awhile
And my memories are cemented in the snow
Where my wardrobe is made of sweaters
And I cocoon myself in burning showers
Yet nothing seems to keep out the cold
So I sit by the window and watch the snow
In the town that weeps of winter

I remember my freezing fingers
clasping a bottle of a liquid that warmed my chest
And passing it to the next
I remember kissing her outside the theatre
Our breath visible in the winter air
I remember laying in the snow and crying
Melting away with my tears
And this winter town wept with me
With its winter tears

As I stare at the bottom of my empty mug
And contemplate getting another
I watch the sun set in the early afternoon
As the cold fuelled fog creeps in on the banks
And the low hanging air threatens to suffocate
I watch another January pass oh so slowly
In the town that weeps of winter


MERCEDES BACON-TRAPLIN is a young student from the small town of Whitehorse, Yukon. She has been writing for more than half of her life and considers poetry her calling. She is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and believes it to be an important inspiration for her writing. She is passionate about broadening her horizons and incorporating her experiences into her writing.

Copyright © 2019 by Mercedes Bacon-Traplin. All rights reserved.