‘Agitation’ by Zav Levinson

I live an agitated silence
like a cat that’s spotted a dog.

It comes now and then uninvited
and cannot be turned away.

It transforms my rooms to great chambers
where talk is coffined in corners.

I wear my dis-ease like mourning.
Like a sentence I do my time.


My likeness approaches with robes.
I would shout or run

but I turn instead heart whole
and don the proffered stole.

We are not a handsome couple
though the years have softened us

like brothers, born of the same mother
betrothed to different Gods.


He tells his story breathless
long and winding, dry

probes my eyes for secrets
I would not care to share.

My spirit gleams at the window
white as winter light.

I stand in agitated silence
a cat caught in the gaze of a dog.


ZAV LEVINSON is poetry co-editor of Jonah magazine (https://jonahmagazine.com/). His poems have appeared in Poetry Quebec, SWEPTand Umbrella Factory. His chapbook, Trelliswork, from Sky of Ink Press, was published in October 2017. He is currently at work on a second chapbook.

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