“The Phoenix” by Lee Weimer

The phoenix, graceful, lithe
from horizon to horizon
up to the heavens
and down to the earth below.

It is the first fire seen with naked eyes.
The brilliance of the first day
in the Orb placed to receive the light
it streaks within.

Igniting the fire
that will burn
thru all eternity.

LEE WEIMER: Growing up in the Northern Ontario bush country, paper was hard to find. My fascination started early with the printed page. The arrival of the Sears and Eaton’s catalogues was a big event in our little community. I remember pouring hundreds of hours into its’ glossy pages; visualizing myself as the perfectly dressed little girl who had everything; on paper. I’ve been a dreamer and scribbler ever since.I’ve been doing a lot of re-visiting and re-structuring of childhood memories. It comes out in bizarre ways. But I’ve learned to accept the unacceptable.