“My Frankenstein” by Melanie Proulx

I watched her fall the first time. The Earth shook when her spine hit the pavement. Pieces of flesh and bone scattered everywhere. I picked them up one by one and began to sew. She wanted to live. But there were so many pieces missing. I wondered if she would survive. 

She began by crawling. People walked by. She was slow but got where she needed to be. Day by day the stitches healed. She crawled. She limped. She walked. All the pieces grew back. All the stitches gone. But a scar remained on her arms. The mark of death. 

I watched her climb. I was worried but had to trust her. Maybe this time she would succeed. She jumped. She flew. For a while. She fell. A second time. 

The Earth did not shake. Pieces of flesh and bone did not scatter. There was only goo. Oozing. Throbbing. I scooped up as much as I could into a jar. I waited. The scar from her arm started to take shape. I wait. I hope. I’ll see. 

MELANIE PROULX is a Montreal-based children’s book author and doctoral candidate at Queen’s University. Her first picture book, “The Bum Drum Conundrum” was released in July, 2019 by Tiny Tree Press. In addition to her creative work, Melanie has also has academic and professional publications including an article published in the journal Comedy Studies and an op-ed published by The Montreal Gazette.