‘DRUNK’ by Kelsey Nichole Brooks

Non-Fiction, Short Stories


IM Not sure where to begibn. Im not even quiet sure I knew how I got ony my coputer to write this or if Im even writing enything importante but Im drunk, I know I had too much. Too myuch whiskey, vodka, beer and bartenders. They say that drnuk people always tell the truth so I thought Id write it so I dont forget it/so I dont forget it timorrow. During our subor hours we tend to make it diffucilt adnd lie. The rum rubs my throat, peels the tissue and burns it bad. My head gets dizzy. Its the kisses, a kiss here another ksis there that spins me around and around till im dizzy. Her lips on the left cheek then his on the right and oh god….sorry i AINT got no more cheeks to turn so ill be a sinner for tonight. Ill be a sinner everynight.

I take another sip, my lips dont catch the juice, instead my teeth clink the glass like a bad first kiss. A broken tooth. A bar fight, An anGry drunk. The smell of sweet vomit of cider and cherrios from this morning. The floor is stickYY like honey on the eye lids. Its blurry but sweet. Eveyrhting seems sweet but its gonna sting like a hornet in the morning.

I look at the people around the table. We are friends. We are secret enemies. We are bed buddies. We all share the tequilla and the toXic. I lvoe them, even if I dont love me. They lvoe me.I think back to my child good. Tht Barnie song I used to hear. “I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME WERE A GREAT BIG FAMILY” I SING ….no one signs along but thats okay …they love me. They knoow the lyrics and they lvoe me too.

IM HUNGRY NOW. We got the wine but wheres the bread? We never break bread but drink the blood. Ill emremeber to bring the bread crumbs next time. Maybe its cause bread soaks up too much of the good stuff.


3am, the bar is closed so are we. We goT to go home. I have Patt on speed dial, a cab guy who knows NDG better then he knows his own mother. I dont talk much to him tonight cause im tierd and he sees it. He sees past the black out drunk phase and sees what was before.  He turns on Coldplay because their my favorite sad people. He knows me better then his own mother.

Some mintues more and Im home. I hold the silver key in between my fingersss before I put it int he key hole. It will be empty inside I think to myself. IT WILL BE EMPTY INSIDE. LIke the glasses tonight, like my wallet and like my bedt. it will all be empty. IM DRUNK.


KELSEY NICHOLE BROOKS is just a writer. An individual who found herself through pen ink and countless sheets of writing paper. If it’s a biography you came for then you will have to continue to read her stories, as they will tell you all you need to know about her. She is simply a writer.

Copyright © 2018 by Kelsey Nichole Brooks. All rights reserved.