‘Is Happiness A Reality Or A Myth?’ by IKA


From where it started and where it’ll end,
I fail to comprehend.
Nights pass in thinking and days in wandering,
All these efforts just to search for my belonging.

From countries to cities,
From bars to clubs,
Who could answer me?
I find no one.

The true sense of happiness, is it an emotion or a feeling?
Do I have to search for it or look within?
When I look around I see happy faces,
Are they content or
Are they part of passing phases.

All the inspection and introspection,
Leaves me with just one unanswered question.

Is happiness a reality or a myth?



IKA is an Engineer by profession and a passionate writer in disguise, who writes poems, articles and also short stories.

Copyright © 2018 by IKA. All rights reserved.