“We Have the Spotlight” by Cassandra Lee


Digital medium, 3600×1200 px, February 27, 2020

“We Have the Spotlight” highlights women stepping into their power. Women have fought for centuries for the freedoms we have now. We are here to thrive in our potential.

CASSANDRA LEE is an illustrator based in Peterborough, Canada. Her art is inspired by human relationships to the earth, each other, and ourselves. She loves identifying emotions and sharing stories. Before settling in Canada, she lived in the United States, China and Thailand. 

‘Vinyl Record Sculptures’ by Shannon Neeley


The first is “Zora” and is sculpted from plaster and vinyl record sleeves/cover art. The second is “Angel” and is also a sculpture from vinyl records. The third is “Cornelius” it is an elephant head sculpted from vinyl records.


Hailing from Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships, SHANNON NEELEY is a graduate of Bishop’s University. As a freelance writer, she contributes to online publications and works on her creative writing and artistic projects in her spare time. Shannon loves to surround herself with music, writing, and art. Her heart lies in all-day breakfast joints and she also happens to be mildly obsessed with pugs!

Copyright © 2019 by Shannon Neeley. All rights reserved.


‘Frankie’ by Fabio Sassi



Collage, 8″x11


FABIO SASSI makes photos and acrylics putting a quirky twist to his subjects. Sometimes he employs an unusual perspective that gives a new angle of view using what is hidden, discarded or considered to have no worth by the mainstream. Fabio lives in Bologna, Italy. His work can be viewed at www.fabiosassi.foliohd.com.

Copyright © 2019 by Fabio Sassi. All rights reserved.


‘Fragments’ by Steven Tutino


“Art is the highest expression of my being. I was born to create. I live freely through art. I think in color and dream in color. Color has significance for me because color is the expression of spirit. There is a spiritual significance to color and the merging of colors that blend and fuse while still retaining their distinctiveness. When I create, I am no longer a stranger in the world, but a welcomed guest. The feeling of creating a work of art is absolute fulfillment, the sense of having acquired an inner peace through the integration of mind, body and spirit. Art conquers and washes away fears and anxieties. When I create, I am no longer divided or cut in two. Rather, I am wholehearted, blissful bliss pouring out of my being into love of all things. I am whole and young. I give a sigh of relief. I am at peace with myself, a freely-flowing unity, lover of all things. I am real. I am alive. I am myself. I am reaching toward Spirit. Art is about a spiritual quest, the attainment of a purity and dignity in the reaching toward Spirit. Painting is like dancing in color, through color, with color. It is discovery, revelation, Being, Truth, Goodness. Art is the hunger-mark of my being. I create in freely flowing streams. Nothing scares me anymore. I am no longer broken. There are no broken pieces inside. Pursuing art is pursuing the attainment of a higher good, a good that is dignifying and ennobling and that enables spiritual growth and transformation. Art can lead to a transformation in one’s outlook on life. It can lead to an expansion of horizons. It is a true conversion experience. Art is a marker of the human spirit, the desire to create meaning in the act of pursuing what is valuable and worthwhile. Art is Love. Art brings communities together. It forges communities by bringing people engaged in the pursuit of meaning and a higher, more noble good, together. And together, they sustain one another in their pursuit of wisdom and their longing for the discovery of knowledge and truth. They support one another in the pursuit of a common goal. Here we see a community united, devoted, in love… Their is a spiritual truth in the desire to communicate more fully what it means to live and die for art, what it means to live and breathe like the wind and surrender oneself to the fury of sunrises and the fury of a thousand kisses and the fury of a fiery love, ardent and noble and true that it leaves you clinging to the other more fully.”


STEVEN TUTINO is currently a graduate student at Concordia University in the process of completing an M.A. in Theological Studies. He obtained a double major from Concordia as well in Honors English Literature and Theological Studies. His poetry has appeared in Concordia University’s Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, The Paragon Journal, Halcyon Days, Perspectives Magazine and Founder’s Favorites. His artwork has appeared in Word in the World, The Paragon Journal, The Minetta Review, Beautiful Minds Magazine, GFT Press: Ground Fresh Thursday, Michael Jacobson’s The New-Post Literate, The Omnicult, November Bees: Journal of art and literature, Inside the Bell Jar, and Hour After Happy Hour Review. Steven currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Copyright © 2019 by Steven Tutino. All rights reserved.

‘Indigo’ and ‘The Arcade’ by Phiz



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PHIZ is a queer artist and 3D Designer based in London, UK. Her illustrations focus on mental health, feminism and queernesstrying to deal with the big issues through flowers and magic. Through her work, Phiz hopes to give a voice and offer representation to a community who is severely lacking it. Follow her on Instagram@lunaticillustration

Copyright © 2019 by Phiz. All rights reserved.

‘Alley Cats’ by Jeanne D




JEANNE D is a young illustrator and designer living in Montreal. She spends most of her time wondering about her place in this world and likes to stay home way too much. She might be seen sitting near these windows at the National Library, only on sunny days, if you are lucky.

Copyright © 2019 by Jeanne D. All rights reserved.


‘It’s a Match’ by Lea-Maraike Sambale


screen shot 2019-01-03 at 11.05.22 pmscreen shot 2019-01-03 at 11.05.32 pm


LEA-MARAIKE SAMBALE is the winner of the nation wide literature competition of the Eckenroth Foundation, Germany (2006), and the young Literature-Forum Hesse/Thuringia, Germany (2008 and 2013). Her work has been featured in the anthology “Nagelprobe 25,” and “Nagelprobe 30.” After moving to Montreal in June 2018, she started to write her poems and texts in English and experimented in combining them with selected sounds.

Copyright © 2018 by Lea-Maraike Sambale. All rights reserved.

‘Dream Big’ by Désiré Betty


dream big by désiré betty

10″ by 20″, Acrylic on Canvas


DÉSIRÉ BETTY has long explored the spiritual serenity that manifests itself through her artistic expression she calls ‘Perpetual Freedom Art.’ Her passion for the arts led her to pursue a career in Architecture; broadening her quest for constant creativity from the canvas to the built environment. Although content in her profession, there is nothing more fulfilling than creating art.  The characters she paints are mostly women or seemingly androgynous figures along with complimentary abstract pieces that represent their creative realms. Her inspiration for each piece is driven by her fascination with the power of aesthetics. Her characters represent a portrayal of revitalized appreciation for inner strength and conviction by way of shedding the facade that several inherently assume in order to meet the societal status quo.  This collection of work reflects interests focused on elegance, fluidity, exaggerated proportions, dignified characters and creative environments. Her aim is to draw awareness to the perpetual interplay of ego, psyche and soul.

Copyright © 2018 by Désiré Betty. All rights reserved.